How Many Questions Are on the ARDMS SPI Exam?

How Many Questions Are on the ARDMS SPI Exam?

How Many Questions Are on the ARDMS SPI Exam? 2560 1707 My Ultrasound Tutor

Before you take your registry exams, you may have a lot of questions. For example, many of our students wonder: How many questions are on the ARDMS SPI exam? We’re going to go over a short list of frequently asked questions.

Should I Take the SPI or My Specialty First?

In reality, this is entirely up to you. There is no restriction on the order in which you take your registry exams. However, we strongly recommend taking the SPI first because everyone should pass that exam regardless of their specialty. Then, you can take as many specialties as you want afterward.

How Many Questions Are on the ARDMS SPI Exam?

There are approximately 110 questions on the ARDMS SPI exam. The number of questions will vary depending on the version of the test you get. So why does our mock exam have 120 questions? We want to be sure you are overprepared so the actual SPI doesn’t seem as difficult by comparison!

How Many Questions Do I Have to Get Right to Pass?

There’s no exact answer to this because the questions may have different values. You need a total score of 555 out of 700 or higher. In our experience, students who score 80% or higher on our practice quizzes and mock exams have no problem acing the SPI.

If I’m Not Ready, Can I Delay My Exam?

Yes, but you have to reschedule within the allotted time! You can’t reschedule once you are within 72 hours of your exam, and they are serious about that number – down to the hour! So, if you realize you’re not ready, your best option is to reschedule ASAP.

What Is the Fastest Way to Prepare for the ARDMS SPI Exam?

We recommend our self-guided online registry review course. This allows you to learn at your own pace rather than having to schedule weekly tutoring sessions. Of course, we’re still here to help, and you can schedule half-hour or one-hour sessions on an as-needed basis (additional fees apply). Additionally, we can also always answer questions in an email.

We look forward to helping you pass your ARDMS SPI and other registry courses.



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