On-Demand Ultrasound Registry Review Courses

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information you need to study?

These fully instructional courses are designed to help you successfully and confidently prepare for your upcoming registry exams by helping you actually understand the material.

Our review courses include video lessons, along with study guides and quizzes to help keep things fresh, interesting, and most importantly broken down in a way you can use.

We have designed all of our course curriculum, study materials, and quizzes using the ARDMS and CCI exam outlines. We use the information provided by these outlines to generate a realistic feel of the mock exam and its specific subcategories. By tailoring the questions to the wording and style of real registry questions, you will be able to test your knowledge and understanding and be able to evaluate areas that might need more attention.

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It's a Game Changer

We reinvented the way you can prepare for your ultrasound exam. Other exam prep materials are complicated, dry, and boring leaving you overwhelmed!

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The quality of our courses lead to the highest exam scores for our students. A great outcome with less cost than hiring a tutor.


Learn at your own pace and schedule. Get up early or stay up late to take our course, it’s up to you.

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Our Courses

Ultrasound Physics Registry Review Course

This easy-to-follow course has been specifically designed in preparation for the ARDMS SPI exam. Not sure yet? We offer a Free Ultrasound Physics Sample Course. Try it now!

Vascular Ultrasound Registry Review Course

This self-paced course has been prepared to aid in preparation for the vascular registry exam, either the ARDMS RVTor the CCI RVS. This course also includes 15 CME’s upon activity completion.
Not sure yet? Try our Free Vascular Registry Review Sample Course!

OBGYN Ultrasound Registry Review Course

OB/GYN Registry Review Course

This self-paced course has been prepared to aid in preparation for the OB/GYN registry exam.
Not sure yet? Try our Free OB/GYN Registry Review Sample Course!

Abdomen Registry Review Course

This self-paced course has been prepared to aid in preparation for the Abdomen registry exam.
Not sure yet? Try our Free Abdomen Registry Review Sample Course!

Why Choose our Online Ultrasound Registry Review Course?

Flexibility and affordability. These are the essential reasons to consider an online ultrasound registry review course. We recognize that many of our clients are anxious to take and pass their registry exams but have busy schedules and tight budgets. Our courses are divided up into smaller sections and groups consisting of a video and a review quiz. These can be taken in less than an hour at any time at your convenience. What we have come up with is an affordable, high-quality ultrasound registry review course that will prepare you for the registry exams.

Private tutoring can get expensive. Our review courses cover the same material with high-quality teaching methods for less than half the cost.

How do our registry review courses work?

Quite simply, choose your course, register, and checkout. It’s that easy to get started.

The learning dashboard is designed to help you move along. It will keep track of your progress and scoring. For each module, you’ll view a review video that will follow the study materials and a short practice quiz covering the principles contained in that video.  In order to proceed through the course, you must receive a passing score each of the quizzes. This is will help to ensure you understand and can apply the concepts rather than simply covering the material.

How is this different than other Registry Review Courses?

We listen to you.

That has been our mission since establishing myultrasoundtutor.com. We heavily rely on the feedback of our students when they pass the exams. This has allowed us to fine-tune and develop the material to be effective, concise, and easy to understand.

We get how exhausting test preparation can be. So that’s why it’s been our objective to develop a comprehensive course that keeps your attention, gets you involved, and makes the exam preparation process as painless as possible.

What if I feel like I need extra help?

If you like the idea of a thorough review course but worry that you will have questions or will get stuck, then our TutorAssist package is just for you.

What is TutorAssist? Think of it as a safety net. It allows you to be in communication with an experienced and personal tutor. They will closely monitor your course progress, offering suggestions as needed. There will also be a chat option available to you if you need clarification or would like to ask a question. In some cases, it may be recommended to schedule a live one-on-one tutoring video conference session for an additional fee.

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