Here are some MyUltrasoundTutor reviews from our past students:

  • Ashlee and Melessa made learning much less stressful than it has to be. I actually learned the material, not just memorized. Your program gave me confidence and made me feel excited to walk into that test center.

   – Michelle

  • My experience with Melessa was like learning physics the correct way for the first time.  Although I had gone through a program, it was never explained or made sense in the way  Melessa teaches.  I passed my exam on the first time, and I owe my physics understanding to her.  What a great way to have a tutor online in the comfort of your own home, no traveling and it is still face to face.  I would highly recommend Melessa as a prep for any exam.             

          – Elyssa

  • Before studying through MyUltrasoundTutor, I thought passing my SPI exam would never happen. In the past, I have tried everything and nothing helped. I failed my physics exam two times before I met Ashlee. I even contemplated career changes because of my failed attempts. The time and patience you have shown me were life-changing! You convinced me that it was possible to understand physics and truly learn it for the first time. I would recommend MyUltrasoundtutor to anyone who thinks passing the boards is impossible. These tutors will change the way you think about studying for your boards. I will be eternally grateful to Ashlee for helping me get through and pass the SPI exam! She is a truly amazing teacher. Thanks, thank you, thank you!

– Michelle T. 

  • I’m soo happy it’s over, but Melessa was great. Before I met her I was sooo lost. I definitely couldn’t have done it without you.  Thanks a lot!
          – Danielle
  • I had taken and failed the SPI exam 4 times. I was just about to give up when I came across Melessa’s website, I figured at this point one more try couldn’t hurt. I contacted her, worked out a schedule and started tutoring. It was truly the best experience ever! I had taken other tutoring seminars, classes, books and NEVER understood any of it the way Melessa helped me to understand. I would absolutely recommend her and couldn’t have ever done it without her!!

  – Christine

  • I found that this tutor was amazing. She was able to explain things to me and help me connect the dots with things in Physics that I couldn’t grasp with studying on my own. I have over fourteen years of ultrasound experience. I took the Physics exam 5 times and failed. I bought books went to seminars and none helped me, but getting tutoring from Melessa, I was succesful. I not only passed I passed with high scores. I then went and had tutoring for Ob-Gyn and passed that too with my first attempt.  I wish I had found her a long time ago. Thank You, Melessa.

  – Carla

  • I just wanted to say how amazing Ashlee and Melessa were and how accommodating they were with the short period of time I was given to take the SPI. I was given one month and Ashlee made sure to see me at least three times a week and according to my work schedule. She was always very positive and reassuring and talked me through any problems that I was having with the section. Before I took my SPI, I had an assessment with Melessa to judge whether or not I was ready. Obviously, I was nervous because it was a lot of material to cover in a few weeks. But Melessa assured me that I was ready. I really don’t think that I could have done it without the study material they provided on top of the one on one tutoring I received. Thank you guys so much !

   –  Niki