One-On-One Ultrasound Tutor

Interactive online learning with videoconferencing and whiteboards.

About Our Tutoring Service

MyUltrasoundTutor offers live one-on-one ultrasound tutoring for a variety of ultrasound subjects, including preparation for the registry exams. For one-on-one live tutoring, we work to meet the demands of your busy schedule and tailor sessions to your pace of learning.

We use a platform called Cisco Webex Meetings, creating a virtual classroom experience. The goal has and will always be to help you visualize and see the practicality of what you’re learning. Our love of teaching moves us to do what we can to make your time with us enjoyable. Rather than focus on memorization, our focus is on developing an understanding and application of principles. To that end, we employ a number of teaching aids such as illustrations, everyday examples, and practice drills.

  • One benefit of our program is having the convenience of a live ultrasound tutor anywhere you may be. Much like videoconferencing, we use a program for live chat with video, which includes a whiteboard. This means we can see you and you can see and talk to us as if we were in the same room. The added feature of a whiteboard allows for images, diagrams, and drawings to be shown during a tutoring session. This makes the session more visual and interactive.

  • WebEx is a program that incorporates live video chat with other features that make online tutoring easy. You can join the tutoring session from a computer or laptop or, for smartphone and tablet users, there is a free app that you can download to simplify the process even more. To be sure that you have no problem with the first meeting, our tutors will be on standby a few minutes early to walk you through the process or help you with any difficulties you may encounter.