Ultrasound Tutors for ARDMS SPI exam and specialties

After working as an ultrasound tech for several years, Melessa Cizik began to see a need in the ultrasound field. A number of techs and many recent graduates were looking for help in passing the ARDMS SPI exam and their specialty exams. As a result of this need for ultrasound tutors, and her love of teaching, Melessa began to offer services as a private ultrasound tutor. Upon realizing that the needs of the medical community were beyond what she expected, the business quickly expanded. All the while, Melessa continued to develop and improve her technique and approach, so that each of her clients enjoyed their learning experience.

At My Ultrasound Tutor, all of our instructors teach in a live format, using video conferencing software. Within this virtual classroom, visual aids serve as an important part of our teaching technique. The goal has and will always be to help you visualize and see the practicality of what you’re learning. Our love of teaching moves us to do what we can to make your time with us enjoyable. Rather than focus on memorization, our focus is on developing understanding and application of principles. To that end, we employ a number of teaching aids such as illustrations, everyday examples, and practice drills.

For one-on-one tutoring, we work to meet your busy schedule and tailor sessions to your pace of learning. From time to time, we also offer weekend registry review courses in a group setting. We aim to keep the size of the group small enough to allow everyone to participate and ask questions.

With a combination of ultrasound, medical, and teaching experience, our ultrasound tutors are well equipped and happy to help each client reach their scanning or registry goals.

Currently, we offer private tutoring for ultrasound physics and OB/GYN. For the other specialties or assistance, please feel free to inquire about tutor availability.

Meet Our Ultrasound Tutors

Melessa Cizik
Program Director

Melessa has worked as an ultrasound tech for over ten years, performing general, small parts, OB/ GYN, and vascular exams. She has gained valuable experience working with knowledgeable radiologists and highly experienced techs in both hospital and outpatient settings. Melessa has also had the opportunity to assist and train fellow technologists to improve their technical skills and prepare for registry exams including the ARDMS SPI exam. Melessa has found that assisting colleagues through their ultrasound problems and making ultrasound easy for others to grasp has added a new dimension to her career. She is ARDMS registered in OB/GYN (2004), Vascular (2005), Fetal Echo (2011), and Abdomen (2015).

As the program director, Melessa has developed the teaching curriculum that is used in all of our tutoring programs including both the teaching methods and review materials. These methods have been well tested and proven to create a successful learning experience. All of our ultrasound tutors employ these same methods to achieve an equal outcome for all of our students.


SPI Exam Physics TutorAshlee Kantrowitz
Physics Tutor

Ashlee has worked for over a decade in both hospitals and private offices with a primary focus on cardiology and neurology. She has been tutoring ultrasound physics for the past two years and has helped the overwhelming majority of her students to pass the ARDMS SPI exam, including those who have failed the test in the past.

Ashlee has worked closely with our program director in developing the teaching methods and program materials for our physics courses. Her love of teaching and patient demeanor make her a natural one-on-one instructor. Ashlee is also Melessa’s co-instructor for our weekend registry review classes.