Setting and Maintaining a Study Plan for Ultrasound Registry Exams

Setting and Maintaining a Study Plan for Ultrasound Registry Exams

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When you are preparing for an ARDMS, CCI, or ARRT exam, your schedule will be an essential factor in maintaining the consistency you need for the best results. At My Ultrasound Tutor, we’ve always encouraged students to make their registry exams their primary focus over a short period of about three months rather than trying to learn little bits of information here and there over a long period of time.

How to Set a Workable Study Schedule

One of the key factors involved in being able to prepare rapidly for the exam is simply setting aside enough time to do it. Our recommendation is one hour per day. Now, before you say that’s too much or think about changing careers, let’s see how you can fit an hour of studying each day into the regularly busy schedule of someone who already has a career and a family (and students can apply some of these same principles).

Scheduling Tips

Here is just one possible example of how to fit an hour of studying into your day:

  • Take 20 minutes with your morning coffee to review some vocabulary terms
  • Take 20 minutes of your lunch break to study some equations – focus on the relationships (direct or inverse)
  • Take 20 minutes before bed to go over topics like anatomy, pathology or machine settings

Remember, this is just a sample to prove to you that you can do it. The key is consistency, and that means finding an exam preparation schedule that works for you. You’ll only stick to it if you combine the right motivation with the right schedule. For more tips, see our article about how to find time to study.

Get the Help You Need to Prepare for a Registry Exam

Of course, you can spend some of that scheduled time reviewing the notes, watching the videos, and taking the practice exams that come with our online registry review courses, which are now available for Ultrasound Physics, Vascular, OB/GYN, and Abdomen. These self-guided courses help you tackle studying in just a few months, so you can pass those registry exams and get back to your life!

And remember, even while taking the self-guided online courses, we’re always here when you need us. Our review courses simply offer you the opportunity to move at your own pace, study on your own schedule, and save money over private tutoring sessions.


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