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Are all tutors the same?

We may all agree that the answer to that question is no.  But what makes them different?

Obviously a tutor must have a grasp and an understanding of the subject being discussed.  But is that all?  While it is true that knowledge must be in the tutor’s mind, if it’s not clearly conveyed to your mind, it will not benefit you.  So how can this be done?

Using several teaching tools.

We teach in a way that’s visual and makes the information practical.  Instead of just trying to remember facts or wording, it is very useful to think of how things work and, in turn, what it does for you.  For instance, suppose you had to teach someone how to drive a car.  This person has never seen or been in one.  How would you do it?  You would need to describe the steering wheel, how to shift, the pedals and what they do, and the list goes on.  How much would they retain?  But, suppose you had pictures, or you could bring them to a car and let them sit in the driver seat.  How much would they retain then?  We are visual people, and it’s why we can say a picture is worth a thousand words.  So, word illustrations or visual aids can help us to remember more than just reading alone.  This is especially true when come to subjects like physics for the SPI exam.  There have been many very good technologists who have had great difficulty learning and seeing the application of physics in their work.  But like teaching that person to drive a car, we need to see how things work together and what they do for us.  Instead of someone cramming facts into his or her mind, how much more information will an individual retain if one can visualize how it works or how it relates to what they are doing. Our goal is to teach you to see concepts and not to have to rely solely on word memorization.

We also want to teach you how to take your registry exam.  You’ll find that some questions are worded in such a way that may throw off the reader.  Someone may know the information thoroughly, but with confusing terms, one might choose incorrectly.  Our goal is for you to pass.  Helping you to grasp the information is the very important first step, but its needs to be used correctly.  So, after each session or lesson,  the student will be able to take small practice test.  While the information is fresh in their mind, they are able to work through the problems and prepare themselves for the registry.

It’s our goal to make this a positive learning experience and help students see how the material benefits them.  We enjoy the field of Ultrasound very much, and we hope that our passion for it rubs off on each student.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Melessa & The MyUltrasoundTutor Staff

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