At the start of the fall season, several SPI exam updates began to be implemented. This is not a new occurrence. Since the inception of the SPI exam, this principle ultrasound certification test has undergone numerous adjustments and tweaks to keep it relevant to an ever-changing and advancing field. With each new outline, some apprehension is to be expected. It should be noted, however, that the changes are often beneficial for technicians and those aspiring to become one.


Be prepared for the new SPI exam updates


Here is one case in point. Just a few short years ago, the amount of math on the SPI exam was greatly reduced. This change, as you can imagine, moved many to breathe a sigh of relief as they sat down to take the exam. Math was removed so the focus could be on sonography principles and how they apply to the field. Those looking to take the exam could concentrate on the information directly pertaining to their chosen profession. So, what changes have been made this year?


Highlights from the Latest SPI Exam Updates

The most conspicuous changes have to do with the number of questions one can anticipate per subject. Prior to September, about 70% of the exam was based on just two main topics. Now, the balance has been shifted. That means a slightly reduced number of Doppler questions and a few more dealing with clinical safety. Subjects like basic principles, new technologies, transducers, and safety will have more questions than before. Information relating to pulsed echo, processing, artifacts, hemodynamics, and instrumentation still occupy a good percentage of the exam but will have noticeably fewer questions. This makes for a more rounded exam. Specific exam information and the SPI exam outline are available online through the ARDMS website.


How should these changes affect the way you prepare for the exam? Keep a look out for more information in future posts.

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