Registry Review Courses from My Ultrasound Tutor Are the Recipe for Success!

Registry Review Courses from My Ultrasound Tutor Are the Recipe for Success!

Registry Review Courses from My Ultrasound Tutor Are the Recipe for Success! 2560 1708 My Ultrasound Tutor

At My Ultrasound Tutor, we are happy to see many students and techs passing their ARDMS exams after taking our registry review courses. We’ve worked hard to design these courses with a logical progression that helps prepare you for your boards. Our courses are not about memorization but about actually learning the material. We find that this results in better test scores and improved ability in the workplace.

But there is one matter we would like to address. We’ve noticed occasionally that someone will take the course and try to “game the system.” What do we mean by that? Let’s consider a scenario to see the Dos and Don’ts of getting the most from these registry review courses.

SCENARIO: A Person Fails a Quiz While Taking One of Our Registry Review Courses

DO: Rewatch the video that the quiz was based on. Keep studying the material. Failing the quiz is an indicator that a person has not learned the material sufficiently to go on to the next lesson. This is why we require a specific grade before the next video unlocks. We are building on the knowledge from the previous lessons.

DON’T: Some students immediately take the same quiz over and over after failing. This allows them to eventually memorize the answers, pass the test, and move on to the next lesson. However, the student has not learned the material. Now there is a gap in understanding that may make it tougher to understand future lessons and could negatively impact exam scores when it matters the most – on the day of the ARDMS exam.

Don’t Leave Your Exam Scores to Chance

If you’ve ever tried to substitute recipe ingredients when baking, you know that things don’t always go according to plan once a person tries to alter the recipe. Think of these registry review courses as finely tuned recipes. If you follow the methods outlined, you are following the recipe to success. If someone starts making substitutions, there’s no telling what will happen.


We hope you are enjoying your course, and that it will help you to pass your exams and become a more proficient tech. Thanks for choosing My Ultrasound Tutor as your partner on the path to success!

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