Vascular Ultrasound Registry Review Course

This self-paced course has been prepared to aid in preparation for the vascular registry exam, either the ARDMS RVT or the CCI RVS.

Overwhelmed with studying? Don’t know what to focus on? This thorough and comprehensive course is just what you need to pass your Vascular Registry exam. Let us help make the process of exam preparation easy and enjoyable.

15 CMEs come free with this course! SDMS approval #6000266

Excerpt from “Effect of respiration on venous return”

What’s Included?

    • Simple to follow study guide
    • Thorough explanation videos
    • Topic-based quizzes with explanations
    • Registry-style mock exam
    • Over 500 unique practice questions!
    • 15 CME’s granted upon course completion!
    • 6 months unlimited access to lessons and quizzes

What else is needed?

This course has a required text:

Davies Vascular Technology: An illustrated review  5th edition

Although an easy-to-follow study guide will be provided, the text will be an asset to visualizing the concepts, applying them to case studies, and will be a great tool to have on hand in your ultrasound department.

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What do I need to get started?

  • An Internet Connection
  • A Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop Computer

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Course fee $300

What if I feel like I need extra help?

If you like the idea of a thorough review course but worry that you will have questions or will get stuck, then our TutorAssist package is just for you.

What is TutorAssist? Think of it as a safety net. It allows you to be in communication with an experienced and personal tutor. They will closely monitor your course progress, offering suggestions as needed. There will also be a chat option available to you if you need clarification or would like to ask a question. In some cases, it may be recommended to schedule a live one-on-one tutoring video conference session for an additional fee.

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