Ultrasound CME Credits Now Available with Our Vascular Online Course

Ultrasound CME Credits Now Available with Our Vascular Online Course 150 150 My Ultrasound Tutor

Are you looking for an exciting and affordable way to get your ultrasound CME credits? MyUltrasoundTutor now offers 15 CMEs when you take the online Vascular Ultrasound Registry Review. That’s right! Completing the online vascular course means you will now earn 15 CME credits! Let’s take a look at what CMEs are and their benefits. Plus, we will see why taking the online vascular course can be useful even if you specialize in a different field. 

What Are CME Credits?

Continuing medical education (CME) credits help sonographers maintain their ARDMS credentials. They are crucial for improving work performance, increasing knowledge, and heightening existing ultrasound skills. Currently, the requirement is 30 CME credits in a three-year period. Check your account on the ARDMS to see when your three-year period extends until so that you don’t accidentally allow your credentials to expire. 

Benefits of Taking the Online Vascular Course Here at MyUltrasoundTutor

If you are a vascular tech and have passed your registry exam, this is a great program to refresh your knowledge and earn CMEs at your leisure. Not only is the online course convenient, but it is also cost-effective. A win in every way for earning credits!

What if an ultrasound tech has a different specialty, like OB or abdominal? There’s good news! When you pass a specialty exam that is different from the credentials you already have, then ARDMS will waive 15 of the total CMEs required for your three-year period. Therefore, taking our convenient and affordable online vascular course will not only help you to accrue credits and develop a new skill, but it can be a way to get all of the credits you need for a three-year period in a short time. 

Sign up for the online vascular course today and complete it to get your CME credits! 

October is Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month!

October is Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month! 150 150 My Ultrasound Tutor

We are excited to share another medical ultrasound awareness month with you. Since 1992, sonography awareness has been encouraged to educate others about medical ultrasound’s valuable contributions. What started as just a week per year is now recognized all month long. That’s right, an entire month of well-deserved recognition – YAY!

Special Discount for Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month

To show our appreciation, we are offering 10% off any online course purchased using the coupon code: SONO10

This discount will be valid for the entire month of October 2021. You will find the code on the banner across the top of our site. It will be there all month long.

Over the years, the technological improvements in ultrasound have significantly increased the value of medical ultrasound across many fields. Take the following, for example: Ultrasound is now used along with MRI and CT scans. Also, its use in cardiology and oncology keeps expanding. Now there is an entire month for helping the public understand these advancements and how to benefit from their use in medicine.

Essential Medical Workers

Of course, we would never overlook the importance of the sonographer. Setting aside an entire month for ultrasound awareness includes showing off the valuable work performed by sonographers. You are an essential part of the medical community, and this month celebrates the role you play!

Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month, or MUAM, has increased awareness and education as its goal. At MyUltrasoundTutor, this is our goal as well. Our programs are here to equip each client with knowledge and skills to allow their career to shine. If you have any questions about what our programs can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help! In the meantime, thank you for all of your hard work and contributions in the ever-changing field of medicine!