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Ultrasound Exam Prep Tips and Checklist

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Do you have an ultrasound physics exam coming up? Maybe a final or even a specialties registry exam lurking around the corner? Whether you are a student or a working sonographer, preparing for a big exam can feel a bit overwhelming. Let’s see what can help reduce test anxiety and help you reach this next ultrasound career goal with some ultrasound exam prep tips.

Here are some practical suggestions and a checklist to help you prepare and walk into your test feeling confident.

Ultrasound Exam Prep Tips

To start, make sure it’s clear what you will be tested on. This may be very clear for a student if your teacher assigns specific material for an exam. However, if you are a tech working on passing the ADRMS SPI exam or a specialty exam you can find an outline of subjects covered on your test online.

For example, if you are taking the SPI exam for ultrasound physics, ARDMS has an outline of topics for that exam. This is an excellent tool to have so you know what to study. Another helpful tool is our study materials that come with each of MyUltrasoundTutor’s online courses. You don’t have to guess what will be on the exam – it’s all there for you! Study guides and materials are also available for purchase if you do not want the entire review course.

Ultrasound Exam Checklist

Now that you know what to study, let’s discuss how. Keep this checklist handy for your study sessions to get the most out of your time.

  • Know the vocabulary for the chapter or subject you are reviewing.
  • Review the equations you need to know for that subject.
  • Learn how the values in each equation are related. (This is a key for ultrasound testing)
  • Review the anatomy needed for the subject.
  • Consider the ultrasound machine settings – Know what each setting does and how it affects the image.
  • Ask yourself: Can you explain the material to someone else? If so, you are in a good position to answer test questions!

Not every point in the checklist will be needed for each section of material. Determine which ones apply and go from there. If you find you need a guiding hand or some extra assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help.

We hope these ultrasound prep tips will help make your studying sessions more productive!

Launch of The New MyUltraSoundTutor Website

Launch of The New MyUltraSoundTutor Website 1200 596 My Ultrasound Tutor

We are so excited to share the new MyUltraSoundTutor website with you!

If you are planning to take an ARDMS or CCI exam, need help to pass your diagnostic ultrasound classes, or want to brush up on your skills as a sonographer you have come to the right place! Our latest additions create a space where learning or preparing for an exam doesn’t have to feel overwhelming.

Here is a look at what we now offer:

Online Courses

Our on-demand registry review courses are offered currently for ultrasound physics and vascular. We know you have a busy schedule and that is why our new programs are self-paced for your convenience. We took the methods that have proven successful in the live tutoring programs and built up from there. This program adds test-taking skills, animations, and unique test questions to our existing teaching techniques. The result is a well-rounded review that improves a student’s understanding of the lesson as well as how to apply it to test questions. So far these innovative, engaging courses are proving to be wildly successful.

Online Practice Exams

Online testing practice can be difficult to come by and expensive. We now offer access to our online quiz portals for a number of different topics,  including physics, vascular, abdomen/general, and OB/GYN. You can get anytime access for six months for just $60. Brushing up on your test-taking skills or just testing your knowledge is now easy, accessible, and a great value! Check out the Online Practice Exams page to see more detail as to what is included in this offer.

More Benefits from the New MyUltraSoundTutor Website

You can now make a purchase directly from our new MyUltraSoundTutor website. Once you check out, you will have immediate access to the course you choose. With options designed to meet your individual learning needs – our new site will get you well on your way to reaching your ultrasound career goals!