Launch of The New MyUltraSoundTutor Website

Launch of The New MyUltraSoundTutor Website 1200 596 My Ultrasound Tutor

We are so excited to share the new MyUltraSoundTutor website with you!

If you are planning to take an ARDMS or CCI exam, need help to pass your diagnostic ultrasound classes, or want to brush up on your skills as a sonographer you have come to the right place! Our latest additions create a space where learning or preparing for an exam doesn’t have to feel overwhelming.

Here is a look at what we now offer:

Online Courses

Our on-demand registry review courses are offered currently for ultrasound physics and vascular. We know you have a busy schedule and that is why our new programs are self-paced for your convenience. We took the methods that have proven successful in the live tutoring programs and built up from there. This program adds test-taking skills, animations, and unique test questions to our existing teaching techniques. The result is a well-rounded review that improves a student’s understanding of the lesson as well as how to apply it to test questions. So far these innovative, engaging courses are proving to be wildly successful.

Online Practice Exams

Online testing practice can be difficult to come by and expensive. We now offer access to our online quiz portals for a number of different topics,  including physics, vascular, abdomen/general, and OB/GYN. You can get anytime access for six months for just $60. Brushing up on your test-taking skills or just testing your knowledge is now easy, accessible, and a great value! Check out the Online Practice Exams page to see more detail as to what is included in this offer.

More Benefits from the New MyUltraSoundTutor Website

You can now make a purchase directly from our new MyUltraSoundTutor website. Once you check out, you will have immediate access to the course you choose. With options designed to meet your individual learning needs – our new site will get you well on your way to reaching your ultrasound career goals!

SPI Exam Preparation

Ultrasound Artifacts for SPI Exam Preparation

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SPI exam preparation can be an overwhelming task, even for those still in school. Breaking down what you need to know topic by topic can help make it more manageable. Let’s take a look at how this could be done with the topic of ultrasound artifacts.

To begin, there are lots of artifacts, even more than what is usually covered on the exam. So to focus on what you should know for the SPI exam, it’s a good idea to check with the ARDMS website. This offers a general overview by means of an outline of what you will need to know to complete the exam successfully.

SPI Exam Preparation Tips Regarding Ultrasound Artifacts

For each artifact you intend to study, keep in mind three key points:

  1. You want to be able to identify the artifact if they show you a picture during the exam. Being able to identify the correct artifact if it is described in a question is equally valuable.
  2. Know what the cause of the artifact is. This usually involves reviewing and understanding some basic sound principles.
  3. Some ultrasound artifacts require that the tech fix the problem. Knowing which artifacts can be fixed and how to fix them is the final point to remember.

Another piece of information to keep in mind when studying artifacts is that some artifacts are helpful. They help the radiologist to make a diagnosis. In these cases, the artifact should not be removed. Committing these points to memory for each artifact will help with SPI exam preparation, but understanding how it all works will make it easier to answer questions.

We hope these tips help with your SPI exam prep. If you are looking for more help to prepare for your upcoming SPI exam, CCI exam, or a specialty, feel free to contact us. We will happily send you more information about our tutoring program and set you up with a tutor who will help you reach your ultrasound career goals.