SPI Study Guide – 4 Tips to Help You Study Smarter Not Harder 

SPI Study Guide – 4 Tips to Help You Study Smarter Not Harder 

SPI Study Guide – 4 Tips to Help You Study Smarter Not Harder  1254 836 My Ultrasound Tutor

For many, spring is a busy time of year. It is easy to put off your SPI studies or studying for an ultrasound specialty. So how can you deal with lingering winter weather, family visits, having the kids home from school for spring break, and a possible increase in work hours without sacrificing ultrasound physics and specialty studies? To be sure, it is not easy, but we have compiled this SPI study guide with 4 tips to help keep you on track.

SPI Study Guide – 4 Suggestions for Better Studying

Regular Study Sessions: Keep in mind that regular study is key. Sporadic stints of intense study are not as effective as keeping a steady routine – even if the timeframes are shorter. For example: studying a few SPI vocabulary words every day and maybe reviewing a page or two of ultrasound physics notes with your morning coffee may be of more benefit to you than an hour cram session done every other week.

Start Small: It may seem like you aren’t getting very far, but little by little you commit those tidbits of information to memory. Starting out small can help you gradually incorporate regular study into your daily routine. Increasing the frequency of those small study sessions can help too. Try squeezing in 10 to 15-minute sessions throughout your day. This can prove beneficial as you cover the most ground without getting bored or tired.

Changing Topics: Speaking of boredom, focusing on just one thing throughout the day can become tedious, so it is alright to change up what you are looking at. Maybe start with relationships and equations for one 10-minute session, then switch over to ultrasound artifacts when you sit down to have lunch.

Sticky Notes: Making use of sticky notes can help as well. Write out two or three vocabulary words (or other things!) and post them around your house or workspace. You might be surprised at how many vocabulary words you learn using that method.

While our SPI study guide has provided 4 tips for better studying, there are so many quick and out-of-the-box ideas that could work for you. The point is – do not neglect your SPI studies when time is limited. Incorporate small study sessions into your day-to-day routine to stay on track. And don’t forget to sign up for one-on-one live tutoring with MyUltrasSoundTutor!