Preparing for an Ultrasound Registry Exam

Preparing for an Ultrasound Registry Exam

Preparing for an Ultrasound Registry Exam 150 150 My Ultrasound Tutor

Do you have an ultrasound registry exam coming up? Or are you planning to schedule one in the near future?

Preparing can be overwhelming for some (or boring for others). However, hard work, good study habits, and consistent preparation are the keys to success. Experience has shown that when it comes to preparing for ultrasound exams (or any test for that matter), there are a few things that can help a person to manage time, stress, and even make the process a bit more enjoyable.


#1 Be Realistic and Set Achievable Goals for Your Ultrasound Registry Exam Prep

Do an honest evaluation of what you already know – then plan accordingly. If you need a thorough review of the topic, give yourself adequate time to learn the material. This may take a month or more. Trying to rush matters usually leads to disappointment and frustration. To set yourself up for success, try to plan short study periods each day (even if it’s just a few minutes). Another goal that has proven beneficial is making your brief study sessions focused. Have something specific in mind for each study period. Some ideas include reviewing a few vocabulary definitions, taking a quiz, or watching a video from one of our courses.


#2 Hone Your Test-Taking Skills

How are your test-taking skills? Knowing the information is essential, but applying it is what will mean the difference between a high passing score and one that is not. So how can you improve your skills in this area? When you read a question try to pick out the keywords. Figure out what the question is asking you. Don’t focus on the extra details in a question. Simplifying tough questions will help ease stress and boost confidence.


Finally, if you need some help setting goals, working out a study plan, or improving your testing abilities, we can help! Our online programs integrate each of these key elements to provide you with the necessary review and testing preparation for any upcoming exam.


Not sure where to start? Learn more about our online registry review courses here, or you can contact us directly.