How Long Does It Take to Prep for The SPI Exam?

How Long Does It Take to Prep for The SPI Exam?

How Long Does It Take to Prep for The SPI Exam? 1200 855 My Ultrasound Tutor

As a tutor, this may be the most frequently asked question I get. So, how long does it take to prepare for the SPI exam? What can you do to help the process along?

The answer will depend on a few factors.

There are things you can do to speed the process along.

#1 If you are in school or just graduated but struggle with physics – don’t put off finding a tutor!

The sooner you get help, the better. Having someone tutor you right away will help you take advantage of what you have already learned (before you forget).

For those of you who are struggling to pass the ARDMS SPI but have been out of school for a while, the same advice applies. Something to keep in mind: when a person takes a physics class, the class can last a semester or more. It is reasonable then to expect tutoring to take some time as well. Plan for at least two months if not more.

#2 Both timing and pass rate are largely dependent on how well you study.

One way to prepare for this is to arrange your schedule so that you have some study time each day. Study sessions can be short, but take time to do some prep daily. Having scheduled time to study even before you begin the tutoring program will go a long way in helping you achieve your goals in the shortest amount of time.

#3 Keep expectations reasonable and be as flexible as you can.

Life may not always go according to plan. Things come up: working overtime, getting sick, family emergencies, and so on. Should you face something similar, it can be discouraging if it pushes your goals back a little bit. Don’t give up! This where being reasonable and flexible can keep you on the right track, even if it causes some delay in your planning.

How Long Does It Take to Prep for the SPI Exam? Plan Your SPI Test Date

When looking at the calendar to plan your SPI test date, review the above points, and feel free to contact us with any questions.