ARDMS Hotspot Questions Are What’s New in the Specialty Exams

ARDMS Hotspot Questions Are What’s New in the Specialty Exams

ARDMS Hotspot Questions Are What’s New in the Specialty Exams 150 150 My Ultrasound Tutor

There have been some exciting new changes in regard to the ARDMS specialty exams, so if you are preparing for or will be planning to take a specialty test, it will be beneficial to familiarize yourself with these new features. Like many recent adjustments, these additions make the exam a bit more practical. You have an opportunity to put your ultrasound technician skills to use in a setting that is more interactive and familiar than multiple choice questions. One of these new formats is called ARDMS Hotspot questions. Here is what you need to know.


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What Are ARDMS Hotspot Questions?

If you have already taken the SPI exam, you may recall that there are a number of semi-interactive console (SIC) questions. Hotspot questions are along the same line. In this case, you are given an image or video with a question. The question may be about pathology or even normal anatomy. To answer the question, you make a mark right on the image using the cursor.

For example, you may have an image of a liver. The question could ask you to mark one of the hepatic veins. Using the mouse, you will need to indicate with the cursor the right hepatic vein on the picture. That’s it! It is more engaging than your normally formatted question, and that makes it a bit more interesting. Above all, its relevant to what you do as a tech.

How Many Can I Expect to See on My Exam?

For now, only about 5 to 10 ARDMS Hotspot questions will appear on each specialty exam.

Which ARDMS Exams Feature Hotspot Questions?

It is important to note that these questions will be found in the ARDMS specialty exams only. So if you are taking the SPI exam, you will not see Hotspot questions.

For more information about these and other types of questions you can expect to find on the next exam you take, check out the AIT preparation questions page on